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Enactus World Cup, San Juan PR x The Coral Nursery

On October 30th - November 2nd San Juan's Convention Center hosted Enactus World Cup 2022!

Coral Nursery Founder, Marissa Myer, attended the 4 day event alongside educational partner,

Graceland University's Leadership Team, pictured below.

"Enactus welcomes business, philanthropic, student, and education leaders from around the world who are committed to using entrepreneurship and innovation to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

The four-day event was jam-packed with hybrid participation experiences filled with competition, collaboration and connections, including:

  • Enactus World Cup Competition

  • Impaction Race Competitions: Race for Climate Action, Race to Rethink Plastic, 1 Race 4 Oceans, Race to Feed the Planet

  • The first-ever Pitch Demo Day—a social enterprise session that showcases student innovation to large industry-leading companies and investors

  • Global Goals Forum: discussion of SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities

  • The first-ever on-site project experiences to Loiza, Old San-Juan, Catano, and Loquillo"

ED, Marissa, gave the Graceland University group a tour of pending site locations as they repped their Coral Nursery swag!

The Coral Nursery team happily plans to continue partnering with Graceland University Enactus with more exciting plans ahead - including adding a project group to their club to keep students directly involved.

Thanks for visiting, team!

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