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Sponsor A Tank (1,000 Coral Recruits)

Sponsor A Tank (1,000 Coral Recruits)

And help us grow 4,000 recruits for a coral reef in need

Coral reefs are being destroyed faster than they can regenerate. By sponsoring a tank, you can help change that.


How does a tank sponsorship work?


1. Choose your species

Sponsor 4,000 of your favorite species and watch them grow until they return to the ocean. 


2. Name your tank

Your family just grew quite a bit, so make sure to give it a fun name! Name it after your company, your favorite team, your dog, anything you want!


3. Show off your coral family

You went above & beyond to save thousands of corals! Show them off to your friends, family, and network!


Your Sponsorship Certificate


Why sponsor a tank?


Coral reefs take decades to regenerate. At The Coral Nursery of Puerto Rico, we make that process 25-40x faster. By sponsoring an entire tank of coral recruits, you’ll help us reverse their destruction and 


Support Biodiversity

Coral reefs are home to ~25% of all marine species. Without them, the species that depend on them for survival will lose their home, triggering a massive species decline. 


Protect Coastlines

Coral reefs act as a barrier to protect coastlines from waves. As sea levels continue to rise, they will play an even bigger role in preventing coastal erosion and reducing the detrimental impacts of hurricanes.


Preserve Humanity

Approximately 500 million people around the world rely on reef ecosystems for food, medicine, and income. Without them, the livelihoods of these half a billion people are immediately threatened.

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