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Municipality of Humacao, PR x The Coral Nursery

The Coral Nursery is proud to be located in the beautiful, Puerto Rico.

With that, we believe that with our community behind us, we will be able to

be the change we want to see in the world, and for our local reefs.

Pictured below, The Coral Nursery's Marissa Myer, meeting with the team

at the Municipality of Humacao, Mayor's office.

Julio De Jesus - Planning Office Director

Sonia Gerena - Mayor's Office

Alexandra Velazquez - Permits Department

Zujeily Donato - Planning Office

The Humacao team was not only happy to help, but passionate about our mission

and ready to push for our success. The dicussion included the importance and impact

coral reef restoration will have on our local community including but not limited to;

- Storm surge protection

- Slowing coastal erosion

- Marine biodiversity & ocean health

- Economic opportunity

- Eco-toursism and education

- Community involvement

We are grateful for their time, and look forward to our partnership for the ongoing future!

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