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At The Coral Nursery of Puerto Rico, we grow corals 25-40x faster than natural regeneration using the micro-fragmentation method. At this rate, we’re able to restore a 100-year old coral in just two years.

And with your help, we can grow up to 100,000 corals annually!


Micro-fragmentation is the most advanced technique within coral restoration.  It works by cutting corals into tiny pieces, or “micro-fragments,” stimulating rapid growth & regeneration.

These small coral fragments, or “coral recruits,” then rapidly grow at a rate that would take decades in the wild, for only 6-9 months in our carefully regulated tanks. At any given time, each of our coral restoration tanks holds up to 4,000 coral recruits each, waiting patiently for the day they return to the ocean.  Once they reach ideal maturity, our healthy, happy corals are ready to be out-planted back onto our reefs!

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Designed and engineered by Plant a Million Corals Foundation, The Coral Nursery of Puerto Rico will be the first self-sustaining, satellite Coral Restoration Unit to date.

Located within the beautiful beachfront community of Palmas Del Mar, The Coral Nursery of Puerto Rico features 6 restoration tanks, equipped with temperature-controlled awnings, solar pannels, a miniature laboratory,  and a pop-up shop for gear & educational materials. 


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The Coral Nursery is what is referred to as a Coral Restoration Unit, or CRU. 
Using the micro-fragmentation method, our CRU will be able to reproduce up to 100,000 corals annually. This healing process is 25-40% faster than what they're able to grow on their own in the wild, allowing us to restore a 100 year old coral in just 2 years!
This nursery will include multiple retractable tanks for up to 1,000 corals each, temperature controlled awnings, a miniature laboratory & workstation, and a pop-up shop for all gear & educational materials. Designed and engineered by Plant A Million Corals Foundation, The Coral Nursery will continue the ongoing efforts to protect and restore our coral reefs. 

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